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Your capital is at risk and investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

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The Idea

Shared VR worlds have the potential to disrupt a massive amount of existing tech for businesses, and simplify day-to-day operations. We are building them now. We build bespoke custom worlds for any enterprise, organization or event. Each world is fully socially interactive and built to scale. We can build a world with millions of simultaneous users for a global concert. Or we can build a world for just a few users such as for a wedding or company meeting.

The Problem 

There is tremendous potential for businesses to employ massively multi-user Virtual Reality Environments in their operations. However, developing this is costly, and current solutions on the market miss the mark on a few levels: design, affordability, tailored solutions to enterprise.

While it is currently possible to set up a virtual conference, for example, there is no solution that allows a business to order a bespoke virtual world, perfectly fitted to their needs (with branding) that would allow limitless connections simultaneously, with advanced interaction features between users.

Our Solution 

The Eventual Platform is our suite of technologies that allow us to rapidly develop and launch massively multi-user environments, without businesses having to hire in-house or 3rd party developers, and without being limited in options and design. All Eventual worlds are massively multiplayer by default, allowing millions of people to meet and hangout in your own branded and customised virtual world. You can design your own world with our Virtual Artists and VR Developers or we can incorporate any 3D model into an environment for you.

We have a staff that is dedicated and specialized in creating extremely high quality virtual worlds, and the possibilities for design is limitless.

Traction / Momentum 


Commencing trading at the end of 2017, Eventual Spaces is growing at a fantastic pace, signing new clients consistently, currently over one new client a month. With a thorough plan in place for the future, we are confident we can exponentially increase this number.

Our current clients include:




The Bay City Rollers


Scottish Rocks

Several high end estate agents

Currently in late stage discussions with large organizations in the UK

Following the success of these projects, we are certain we can deliver much better and at more rapid speeds in our future.


Live Streaming
Business Franchise Sales


In a market estimated to be worth $215bn in revenue by 2021, with 40 million virtual reality devices expected to be sold this year alone, 171 million active VR users right now and over 90% of all new smartphones sold being VR enabled, ourselves and our clients have a target audience of over 4 billion users!

With the virtual and augmented reality market growing exponentially, Eventual is the only platform capable of delivering virtual realities to enterprise clients allowing for unlimited participants across a range of devices including mobile-powered VR. This is due to technology developed in-house which can be infinitely scaled in terms of the number of users in a social VR environment.

This opens up the market to large client such as sports clubs, concert promoters, engineering firms, estate agents, healthcare seminars and training consultants, banks, pharmaceutical companies, oil and gas and other global organisations who spend 6-7 figure sums annually on corporate travel to attend events for training purposes.

Additionally, Eventual is making massive headway in the retail sector as we begin work with a number of high-profile clients to create virtual shared shopping experiences via virtual shops.

Pricing Model

There are 3 distinct revenue streams:

SETUP FEES range from £5,000 for the most basic of environment builds with basic functionality up to £50,000.

The environment is built on the underlying Eventual platform which operates on a RECURRING REVENUE LICENSING MODEL with a minimum period of 12 months. This includes management and maintenance of the build. We will always try to offer bespoke packages (subject to certain caveats) but the license model is the primary business pricing model. The monthly fee is dependent on number of user hours and direct client support required each month (subject to fair use).

Finally, we operate REVENUE SPLITS & PROFIT SHARES for commercial opportunities in our VR environments. This revenue is generated through retail sales, advertising, sharing of licensed content and pay-per-event. We are also happy to generate revenue through profit sharing models for larger clients with established customer bases.

Competitive Analysis

As the only company offering bespoke shared VR environments for entertainment and businesses to use both internally for employees and externally for their customers, Eventual is already well ahead of the competition. We are the only shared VR company allowing for unlimited participants in the same environment thus automatically making us the solution for larger organisation and events. Other popular platforms allow specialized developers to build custom environments. With the Eventual platform, our dedicated team delivers high quality tailored worlds to businesses.

With mobile integration now fully implemented across the platform, we are now making bespoke shared virtual environments even more accessible to enterprise clients.

The Team


Peter Dobson

Chief Executive Officer

An experienced business owner, software developer and creative, he oversees all aspects of tech development for Eventual. Peter founded the recruitment technology company UK Local Ltd which continues to trade profitably whilst serving as technology consultant to several businesses and investing in startups in the tech and health sectors.


David Hastie

Chief Operations Officer

David has founded and raised investment for several successful startups in various sectors including Food & Drink, Sportswear and Finance. He oversees the day-to-day operations of Virtual Revolution Technologies and works with key stakeholders to ensure stable and steady growth.


Stephen Walsh

Chief of Virtual Inspiration

Stephen is our Chief of Virtual Inspiration. Along with his role at Eventual, he owns a chain of cafes and comic book stores called Geek Retreat, situated in some of the UK's big cities. Dedicated to creating world class businesses, Stephen aims to be forever developing his companies to keep them up to date with cutting edge technology.

Case Study

CLIENT: Trade Union Congress

Supporting the growth and prosperity of trade unions acoss the UK, with fifty affiliated unions and a total of about 5.6 million members, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) is one of Eventual's latest cients.

Primarily used for health and safety training in virtual reality, the bespoke environment created for the TUC allows for more engaging, immersive and shared training experiences for its members. In turn, this can lead to a better retention of information, more valuable learning experiences and better identification of handling of potential hazards in real life.

TUC also use the Eventual platform for public speaking and live presentations in their custom-built virtual auditorium, with 2D and fully immersive 360° video as standard. Following the most recent update, the national Trade Union Congresses of 3 other European countries are in talks to jointly fund the creation of an expanded virtual application built on the Eventual platform.

Financial Projections

Projections are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed.

  2018 2019 2020
Turnover £724,000 £2,556,000 £5,439,000
Cost of Sales £354,000 £1,044,000 £1,305,000
Gross Profit £371,000 (51%) 1,515,000 (59%) £4,135,000 (76%)
Operating Costs £434,000 £692,000 £694,000
Profit (pre-tax) -£63,000 £824,000 £3,441,000
Profit (post-tax) -£63,000 £667,000 (26%) £2,787,000 (51%)

Use of seed funds

Projections are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed.


Project Updates

David Hastie / Chief Operations Officer


We are delighted to announce the recent acquisition of 6 new and exciting clients in the property sector. Each will be using their virtual reality apps, created using the Eventual VR platform, to offer a groundbreaking immersive and multi user service to home buyers and sellers.

The new clients are:

The client acquisitions are a result of our ongoing investment in and expansion of our sales and marketing efforts targeting the property sector. We expect to be able to announce many further new clients in the coming weeks and months as we are in active discussions with over 100 property businesses in Europe and North America.

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