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Our patent pending concept allows teachers to create VR educational materials powered by Artificial Intelligence. Create is the key word here. Teachers can design and build their own sessions without outsourcing to developers or hiring consultants. Teachers can quickly create fully customized sessions which adapt to a student’s pace of learning and learning style based on cognitive and psychological behaviours.

VR in Education 


VR holds the most promise in education enabling immersive experiences

Engages students’ imaginations in ways previously impossible

Enables interaction with virtual worlds leading to more intuitive, play-based form of learning

Significant performance improvements with knowledge retention rates of 75% vs 10% for reading or a lecture

Up to 80% of cost savings when compared with classical methods both in enterprise and formal education


Several aspects of VR assisted education need to be considered but they are not

Where is the pedagogy?

Existing VR educational systems do not rely on directional models and educational material is presented in an arbitrary way.


Current educational VR systems do not adapt to student’s personal learning style, progress, level of existing knowledge.

Content and structure help?

Designing the educational course is not an easy task. Current solutions do not offer assistance in these activities.

Immersive4Learning Solution 


Intelligent platform for fast creation and delivery of personalised VR educational courses powered by Artificial Intelligence, patent-pending concept.



Cloud-based creator supporting range of HW such as Oculus, HTC Vive, smartphones, tablets, PCs.

AI assisted authoring with intelligent recommendations based on semantic analysis of aims.

Includes several new pedagogical models which are used depending on the domain, age group and exact topic.

Dynamic monitoring of behaviour in VR environment, intelligent profiling of learning style used for personalization.

AI based VR environment creation using intelligent content engine using novel semantic and ontological modelling.

Intelligent authoring tool 


Based on the basic inputs provided
• System recommends best pedagogical model
• Best cognitive model
• Most appropriate VR content

Virtual Environment
• Populated with interaction, transformation and other actions
• Linked with knowledge and skills view
• Enriched with other object such as audio, video, 360 etc
• Semantically modelled for the personalization purposes

Knowledge and skills to learn
• Organized in complex graph
• According to the pedagogical model used
• Domain model defines the knowledge
• Closely integrated with the VR space

Learning process 


Students are immersed in the VR space

All available parameters are monitored:
• Movements and interactions
• Answers
• Level of knowledge acquired
• Biometric parameters such as EEG, eye movement

Cognitive model is used:
• To understand the state of mind of students
• To identify learning progress
• To provide information to the personalization engine

• Based on the psychological profile identified
• Dynamic adaptation of content
• Maximising learning efficiency
• Stimulating associative memory
• Increasing knowledge retention

We would like to express our support for ARVRtech and their initiative related to Immersive4Learning concept in the area of VR assisted training in the enterprise domain. We find this approach of particular interest as it can create significant impact in our company as it can potentially improve the quality of the training of our employees, reduce the traning costs and increase the knowledge retention leading to safer working enviroment.
Dejan Damljanovic - Production Manager, Lafarge

Immersive4Learning architecture and look&feel

Immersive4Learning Benefits


    Educational sessions can be designed by teachers and delivered to students – no need for expensive consultants.


    Material is adapted to each student depending on pace of learning, cognitive and psychological properties detected.


    Learning style and progress in VR environment automatically detected


    Educational material presented in-line with respectable pedagogical models ensuring scientific approach to education.


    Can be used in formal as well as enterprise education and also in different domains.


Huge potential for VR technology in the education industry

$150 B


will come from VR technology by 2020.

$9.2 billion

By 2021

Expected from enterprise VR learning at CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 59.6%.

Enterprise learning

But also formal and informal

Education segments are the key verticals for Immersive4Learning.




Existing platforms and solutions offer basic functionality only.


No AI based platform providing intelligent authoring.

No VR platforms integrate pedagogical models and learning style monitoring enabling personal tutoring.

Platforms like Immersive Education Engage, Alchemy VR, Unimersiv and InstaVR present the material in rigid fashion regardless of the user, domain or learning style.


Customers are large enterprises or formal education institutions




White Label


Charge per created course


Charge per each course session


SDK (Software development kit) license for individual building blocks


Charge for white label licence


Major milestones in the next 3 years

Projections are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed.

  • Utilizing existing technology

    Initial funding secured – Innovation Fund

  • Adding AI and pedagogical models

    Additional funding secured
    2 enterprises
    2 schools
    5 SDKs
    Revenue – 346 k€

  • Adding more templates and add-ons

    10 enterprises
    20 schools
    10 SDKs
    Revenue – 2.7 M€

  • Increasing customer base

    20 enterprises
    50 schools
    50 SDKs
    Revenue – 7.5 M€

  • Continue the growth

    Be established as a leader of VR based learning.

    Scale in different industries

    Create Immersive in marketing, tourism, retail.

Dev Roadmap

Major milestones

Projections are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed.

  • Concept

    Conceptualization phase
    Main functionality defined
    Initial market research
    Patent filed
    Core team established

  • System design

    Define the architecture
    Initial UX
    Functional specification
    Development plan

  • Towards MVP

    Initial pedagogical models digitized
    Basic UX implemented
    Integration of cognitive model
    Behaviour monitoring SDK
    Pedagogical model SDK
    First pilots

  • Advanced features

    More models integrated
    More templates available
    Multi-domain support
    Range of SDKs available (behaviour, authoring, personalization)

  • Full version available

    Complete UX implemented
    Full-feature system available
    Multiple pedagogical models
    Dynamic VR creation
    Integration with VR asset library


    Continue to evolve with trends
    Support range of VR HMD
    Add AR support
    Scale in different industries
    Support different domains
    Integrate new pedagogical models

Marketing and Growth Strategy 

Growing and scaling Immersive4Learning.


Direct sales

Direct sales in the region.


Attend exhibitions and relevant events showcasing the Immersive4Learning potential.

Inbound marketing

Creating content such as blogs, videos, increasing visibility on the relevant forums and groups.


Partnering with global companies leveraging their sales network.

Outbound marketing

Creating campaigns promoting Immersive4Learning on social networks, forums etc.



card image

Maja Pokric


Maja Pokric

PhD, CEO, PhD degree in Data Modelling Sciences from UK, 20+ years professional experience, 12 years in UK, more than 6 years of entrepreneurial experience, extensive AR/VR experience and involvement in IPR, product and project management

card image

Boris Pokric


Boris Pokric

PhD, CTO, PhD degree in Artificial Vision Sciences in UK, 20+ years experience, 10 years in UK, co-founder of ARVRtech, 15+ journal publications, extensive industrial, academic and entrepreneurial experience, team leading and management skills

card image

Dušan Skendzic

MSc, MBA, Business Consultant

Dušan Skendzic

MSc, MBA, Business Consultant; internationally recognised carrier in business development, obtained MBA from Harvard, worked for prestigious companies and institutions such as McKinsey, Alcatel, National Bank of Greece, Government of Serbia

card image

Silvia Ghilezan

PhD, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning consultant

Silvia Ghilezan

PhD, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning consultant; Professor and Head of the Centre for Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Novi Sad. Research activities in computer assisted mathematical reasoning, effective tools and novel methodologies for teaching and learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

card image

Ranko Rajovic

PhD, Pedagogical expert

Ranko Rajovic

PhD, Pedagogical expert for different learning models, creator of NTC learning model which is being implemented at MENSA world level, Doctor Specialist in Neuroscience, founder of MENSA Yugoslavia (today Serbia), member of board of directors of world MENSA

card image

Mira Nikolic

MSc, Virtual Content Creation Specialist

Mira Nikolic

MSc, Virtual Content Creation Specialist, Assistant Professor in the Digital Arts and Animation program at Cogswell brings 17+ years of feature animation industry experience and passion for teaching computer graphics. She worked at Disney Feature Animation, Pixar Studio, Digital Image Movers and PDI/Dremworks

Seal Of Excellence 


Certificate delivered by the European Commision, as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020

The project proposal 816945, Immersive4Learning
Immersive4Learning, intelligent education in virtual reality
Submitted under the Horizon 2020’s SME instrument phase 1 call H2020-EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020 (H2020-SMEInst-2018-2020-1) of 8 February 2018 in the area of EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020

SME instrument
21000 NOVI SAD

following evaluation by an international panel of independent experts


Investment Budget 

Joining our vision



Adding new templates, ML, models and AI support.


Creating strong marketing campaigns, exhibitions, inbound and outbound marketing activities.


Creating new strategic partnerships helping the sales and marketing.


Acquisition of new customers utilising existing customer base.

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