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Your capital is at risk and investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Somnium Space

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The Idea

We are creating an Open, Social, Virtual Reality world. A world with its own economy and its own currency. A VR world with its own Marketplace, Games, Social experiences and Virtual Land ownership. A VR world which is fully interconnected and seamless. Fully accessible from any device from 2D mode on a user’s Desktop to fully immersive VR mode on a user’s Desktop or Mobile.

As seen on

Somnium Space is a compelling virtual world developed rapidly by a strong team, with unique features. We look forward to working with Somnium Space in the VRBA to enable interoperability across worlds.

Fundamental principles of our world are proven

Virtual land / object ownership and monetization capabilities represent one of the main revenue incomes for players and virtual worlds themselves.

MMO revenue for 2017 = $31 Billion

Second Life

Launched: Jun. 2003 | Client: PC | Users: 1M

Landownership and avatar customization were the biggest economic drivers netting over $1.5 billion per year at it’s peak, still in 2016 the turnover was $700 million.

Star Citizen

Launched: Oct. 2012 | Client: PC | Users: 400K

Mainly through spaceship and hangar sales Star Citizen crowdsourced over $168 million from players. The biggest driver was customization of own hangar and spaceship. Star Citizen does not support VR nor full multiplayer capability yet.

The Problem 


Experiences are socially limited and isolated thus typically developed as shorter experiences.

User interfaces are not developed across multiple modes such as 2D or 3D.

Experiences are typically not developed to be interconnected and seamless pushing players to constantly jump throughout different local destinations in VR.

Monetization for developers and users does not exist.


Our Solution 


Create an Open, Social and Persistent Virtual Reality world.

A VR world with its own Economy.

A world that is shaped and built entirely by users. Users will be able to buy virtual land and build almost anything they envision e.g. Marketplaces, Games, Cinemas, Parks, Schools and much more. Imagination is the only limit!

A world which is fully interconnected and seamless. Fully accessible from any device whether it be in 2D / VR modes on a user’s Desktop or Mobile VR mode – enjoy same universe from anywhere you go.

Somnium Space is doing great work to advance the idea of interconnected virtual worlds. Their cross-app teleporter makes it easy to follow your friends as you explore the Metaverse together.

Somnium Waypoint - Centerpiece of our Universe



Somnium Space HQ

Shopping Mall & Cinema

Arcade Hall



InGame Economy

Introducing Somnium Cubes

Somnium Cubes is our inworld currency.

Own currency will reduce entry transaction costs for later in game purchases and sales.

Price stability and security is our biggest priority and we will achieve this through active monetary management.

Somnium Cubes is a crypto currency designed to be safe, decentralized and interchangeable between other VR worlds. Technical pilot is currently being designed in cooperation with High Fidelity and JanusVR through our VRBA partnership.
Learn more

I have been very impressed by the team at Somnium Space, who really understand what it takes to build a complex VR experience, and have a clear plan going forward. They also understand what it takes to turn their experience into a successful business, by implementing multiple revenue streams very early on.

Key monetization areas

In order to bring steady revenue streams for players and Somnium Space, we are introducing several key monetization areas:

Land Sales

Ability for players to purchase, manage, build on and sell land parcels.

In-game Somnium store

Buy items, property, scripts, games, and sell your creation throughout the store. We take % cut on every transaction. Players will be able to earn by selling virtual goods.


Ability to place fully interactive non-intrusive objects in your own property and monetize them when other users look/play/buy those items. Learn more here:


Throughout our world there will be teleportation hubs. Players will have a choice to teleport instantly or watch an ad before teleporting to designated location for free.

Live Forever Mode

For a monthly fee we will record everything you do and say on your own property in order to post process this information and recreate your behavior or even bring you entirely back to life using AI. Please note: you will have full control over your data.

Physical locations

Across the whole world we will build VoidVR style replicas of Somnium most popular locations built by players.



We will enhance players imagination by letting them experience Somnium Space in 2D or VR.
Once you see something in VR, you will never forget that place, even when playing in 2D.


2D Desktop PC Version:
Full and most advanced interactive mode of the game. Build, customize, interact, play, walk, work, explore and much more. Full access to market place and character customization options.

2D mobile version:
Schematic map style game allowing basic social interaction and advanced functions. For example: customization of character, access to somnium store, property management and customization of in game items (such as furniture, walls, texture etc.) Easy and smooth switch to VR mode.

VR Full Desktop Version:
Most advanced and realistic view of the world in VR. Enjoy full immersions into Somnium world with it's beautiful landscape created by players.

VR Mobile Version:
VR view of the game. Near identical in game user options as PC VR mode with some limitations due to tracking and and controlling mechanism. Ability to communicate, move, build and interact within our Somnium World.

PC Client User Interface Mobile Client User Interface VR Mode User Interface

Really impressed with what I saw inside the beta build of Somnium Space today. I think that when this thing opens it's doors properly it's going to be a pretty popular destination in VR

Timeline and User Growth 2018

Projections are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed.


User Acquisition

Projections are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed.

Due to VR market status each new release gets a lot of media and user attention.

Crossplatform allows us to advertise and acquire users on all major platforms increasing our chance to reach targeted customers.

Partnership with Admix gives us strong background to instantly reach all VR users across all platforms.

  Cost per user Budget Est. number of users acquired
Mobile users acquisition $2-$4 $15.000 5.000
PC users acquisition $5-$7 $20.000 3.000
Social Media campaign $2-$3 $25.000 9.000

It will be fascinating to see how an economy develops in virtual worlds, especially once those become interconnected. Being there right from the beginning on will give Somnium Space a huge advantage for the future and I know they can't wait for it to happen.

Development Timeline

Projections are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed.



Artur Sychov

Founder & Visionary

"Vision without execution, is hallucination"

Vita Pur

Chief Operating Officer

"Never give up, Never surrender!"

Arkady Gribachev

3D Artist

"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents"

Fernando Gonzalez

UI Lead Designer

"If there's a wall, I'll get through, if there's no road, I'll create one"


Ondrej Dusilek

Somnium world economy advisor.

Member of the Board of Directors at CSD Prague, a CEE Stock Exchange Group company.

Dr. Beatrice Hasler

Specialist in the psychological study of VR

Assistant Professor in the Sammy Ofer School of Communications at the IDC Herzliya, Israel

Samuel Huber

Somnium in-game monetization advisor.

Founder & CEO of, the first programmatic monetisation solution for VR/AR

Financial Projections

Projected financial results are estimates to our best knowledge of actual situation. We can not guarantee final results at the end of the fiscal year

    2018 2019 2020 2021
Users Visitors (Monthly) 15.000 300.000 1.500.000 7.500.000
Landowners 5.000 20.000 100.000 500.000
Revenue Land Sales 124.198 2.152.760 10.142.814 49.734.410
Store Sales 40.500 742.500 4.050.000 20.250.000
Transport Revenue 96.300 1.765.500 9.630.000 48.150.000
Live Forever 0 1.460.250 7.965.000 39.825.000
Others 551 10.098 55.080 5.275.400
Costs HR Costs 510.000 4.820.000 8.500.000 18.720.000
Head Count 6 41 70 141
IT/Software Expenses 69.600 659.200 1.104.000 2.195.200
Others 178.000 683.000 1.100.000 12.083.000
EBITDA   -496.051 -31.092 21.128.894 130.236.610

Use of seed funds


Competitive Edge




Projections are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed.

The status of the VR market penetration copies the path of every new technology implementation.

If history is a guide the VR market will copy the smartphone market from 2006 to 2012 where the penetration went from 3% to 50%.

Big players are increasing their activities along with established VR companies.

Mark Zuckerberg goal is 1 billion people in VR in the distant future.

Movies like “Ready Player One”, “Johnny English” and “Kiss Me First” are bringing an idea of Virtual Reality into mainstream consciousness.



High Fidelity & JanusVR

We believe that the future of the VR space is in connectivity and interoperability between open social worlds. That’s why we partnered with HighFidelity and JanusVR on two groundbreaking projects:


OASIS - Teleporting between VR worlds
VRBA - virtual right transfer and currency across multiple VR worlds


We are partnering with Sony and their amazing and unique 3D model creation technology that will allow our users to create full embodiment avatars of themselves in minutes alongside any 3D models for Somnium Store.

Bonton Films

Bonton Films is an independent distributor of cinematic content and together we believe in new experiences created via VR and understand the benefits of being early adopters and driving force behind the technology. Our partnership ranges from providing trailers to latest movie releases starting with independent film screenings.

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